Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween "Moe" 3DCG

This article is 3DCG which I made with a Halloween plan.
Because I was too different from a conventional model, it may have been surprised.

A pretty thing becomes popular and, in this site, is easy to get the impression again.
And myself like such a production, too.
The thing of such a genre is called "Moe" in Japan.

What's "Moe"?  --   "Moe" is the love for the girl who behaves girlish.

The work title is "a pumpkins ghost and a candy".
I assumed Sheen who confirmed the candy which the pumpkin ghost stole in secret night after night.

Such a genre is sometimes good, too!

It's  zoom up and down a model in an SHIFT + drug.
It's up and down in a CTRL + drug and control it and move.

Because I did not come by much zoom when there was a background, the thing of the Cara simple substance improved it.